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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CSS is a tool that allows you to customize your wedding website. CSS is designed mainly to enable the separation of your document content from document presentation, including elements of design like layouts, color, background and fonts. Using CSS in your wedding website will improve content, accessibility, speed and flexibility and the overall presentation of you personalized website.

Benefits of Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

  • Separate your content from presentation. If you want to change the content of your wedding website you only have to edit one style sheet. This is great for a web site that contains numerous pages.
  • Fast loading pages. Using regular tables slow down the loading of your pages. Using CSS will speed up the loading of your wedding pages considerably because the styles are all contained in one style sheet.
  • Small file size. CSS will reduce the file size of your web document. A web page that is designed with CSS is very small compared to one designed with lots of tables.
  • Keep organized. CSS allows you to get rid of a lot of irrelevant content to make you wedding website look neater and cleaner.
  • Accessibility. CSS will allow you to have easier access to your website from remote devices such as cell phones and other mobile devices.
  • Google benefits: With CSS you can easily structure your content to appear first. Google gives more importance to content closer to the top of your HTML document
  • Save time. CSS will allow you to design your wedding site much faster. You can easy access different designs and add fonts, colors and backgrounds.
  • Print friendly. If you choose to print a web page on your wedding website an alternative CSS document can be called up. This document can specify that only the page content appear on the printed version.

CSS tutorials links: