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Tribute Kiosk Benefits


Allow your guests to leave a tribute to your wedding at their leisure
Tribute kiosks allows for your guests to leave a video message with their toast or a tribute to your wedding. Our kiosks are equipped with the high definition camera and flash lights to ensure a quality video. The convenience allows your guests to gather around and leave a group message or leave multiple video messages.

Frees up the videographer to shoot more memories of your wedding
The videographers usually have to spend time trying to capture the toasts or tributes that the guests want to provide. They sometimes have to look for people, or be interrupted in middle of their video shoot to capture a toast or a tribute from a guest. With Tribute Kiosk this problem is resolved. You can have your videographer freed to focus on your wedding and allow the guests to leave their tributes and toasts at the kiosk. You can even provide a copy of the DVD of the videos to your videographer so that it can be integrated into your wedding videos.

The automated kiosk is available to capture tributes through out the wedding
The automated tribute kiosk is available and ready to capture tributes from the start of the wedding to the very end of the wedding. The unattended kiosk allows for your guests to leave video messages for you from the beginning of the wedding to the end of the night. They can come back for multiple messages, or leave group toasts.

The videos will be available to be viewed online
Tribute Kiosks will have the videos available online to be viewed. The online version of the videos will be smaller in size to allow for a better performance on a web browser. The videos can only be accessed using a special password that we will provide to you for your wedding. You can share these videos with your friends and guests.

Guests that canít attend can leave a tribute for your wedding
Unfortunately sometimes friends and families canít attend the wedding because of distance or a conflict. You can now have your friends and families leave a tribute for your wedding on our website.

Provide the convenience for your guests to leave a monetary gift
We have designed an elegant kiosk that allows your guests to go through the options and if they wish also leave a monetary gift for your wedding. We will present a cheque to you representing all the monetary gifts that your guests have left you after the wedding along with a list and amount of each gift.

A DVD of all the tributes captured in a period of one week
We will ship out two copies of the DVD of all the tributes to you a week after your wedding. This allows you to review the videos and also provide a copy to your videographer to be integrated into your wedding video. After the wedding we will also add the videos online and provide you with a password to access the videos.

More benefits
Looking to have your guests look up their names on the kiosk and find out the table they are sitting at. Looking to provide a family pictures and names so that your guests can get familiar with both sides of the family. We can provide you with a kiosk that allows for custom