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We can provide number of different solutions to meet your demands. These solutions could vary in range on operations, you might need to have the kiosks work with a centralized system in order to allow for functionality that you are looking for.

As part of our services to you, we will document and review the requirements of the kiosk software to ensure that the product that we deliver to you meets all your demands. All our kiosks can have touch screen functionality in order to make interaction easier.

The kiosks are in three different cageories: Solutions

1- Wall mounted kiosks
These kiosks are generally better for high traffic area that needs to have a permanent solution. The kiosks would be installed and the physical location of the kiosk would not be changed.


2- Counter/desktop kiosks
These kiosks are generally better to allow for areas that users are expected to be sitting or standing around a desk or counter. The kiosks can easily change direction or have the it moved to a better area


3- Upright kiosks

These kiosks are generally better for open areas. This kiosk can be deployed with multiple screens, one screen would only display marketing information and the other screen is used to interact with the user.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our solutions and which one would better fit your needs.