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Published date: May 18, 2011, 1:24 pm

Budget Planner is available now!

We have continuously been updating our software and services offered online. You can check this location to see a list of updates and changes made recently to the website.

We strive to make all aspects of the wedding easier!

The following are the 4 highlighted updates made to the website:

- Budget Planner

We are happy to announce that we have introduced a great feature for the brides and grooms to stay on-budget for their wedding. Our budget planning tool allows the couple to initially itemize their expenses and review the cost. Further they can keep the budget planner updated to track the overall costs.

We understand that this is the first time a free online bridal budget planner like this has been offered to the brides and grooms.

- 3 New templates: Glade, Twist, and Endow

We constantly keep our templates trendy with new looks, new designs and new features. In order to keep our promise, we are introducing 3 new templates to be selected from.

All these features are FREE!!!

- Modifying user personal website with CSS

You wish your green on your wedding website was a little darker so that it would match your wedding colour schema: Well, now you can!

We have designed our software and templates so that you can customize the CSS associated with your wedding template. This way you can customize it a little bit or if you know your HTML and CSS well enough then change the overall look of your template.

We have simply provided the flexibility.

- Testimonials Page

We have some great feedback from our users and customers. We just havenít been posting them. We have started our testimonial page and we will revisit it every so often to update and post new feedbacks that we get from our customers.