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Published date: Aug 22, 2011, 11:33 pm

Visual Floor Plan

We have been working very hard on providing a better system to our users. We are continuously enhancing our kiosk and our online offering.  You can now manage your floor plan visually through Tribute Kiosk. Simply create a free account and start using it today.
Here are a sample of new enhancements available online
- Do not allow Guest Duplicate names
We have changed the logic of our program to refuse duplicate names in the guest list. This issue has caused problems for the guest who wanted to RSVP through wedding website. The guests with duplicate names would be confused when searching for their invitations.
In case of duplicate names, an identifier can be used to distinguish the guests from one another. The identifier can simply be added to the name.

- Add wish list page
Are you looking for a wish list of items that the guests would purchase for your wedding? Well, your wish just came true.
We have added the functionality that would allow the users to upload images and description of the items that you would like to receive for your wedding. This can be a brand new iPod to a donation to your favourite charity.

- Allow user to define table seating name
The users can now define table names instead of table numbers. This is a simple change but something that a lot of users were looking for.

- Graphic Seating Arrangement
We have made seating arrangement super easy for our users. You can easily add table and add guests to the tables. You can visually drag and drop guests from table to table.
This is allows you to easily review your seating arrangement and ensure proper seating for all guests.

- Selection of tables
When visually planning your floor plan, you can easily choose from the variety of tables offered by the venue. This feature avoids any confusions and complications. The information has already been provided by the banquet hall.

- Table Sizes
We are working with the banquet halls in order to update the number of people that are allowed to be seated at each table. This would avoid any confusions and ensure correct seating offered by the banquet hall.

- Table colors and styles
Are you particular about the color and the setting of the tables? No problem, you can even change the color of the tables on your plan to allow a better visual of your floor plan.