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Kiosk Solutions

We can provide a solution that would make your wedding extra special and filled with memories.

We can provide number of options designed specifically for your wedding. These solutions can be customized with your directions to better suit your wedding or event.

The following are just a few points to get your creative juices flowing:

Are you interested in having your audience play a game? or win a prize? We can provide custom kiosks that allow your audience to play games. The users can play the games designed by you. This game can be part of system or linked to a server on the Internet.
Example: Have your guest enter their names to win center pieces from your wedding.

Obtain Information
We can design kiosks that allows for information to be entered. Kiosks allow for capture of information or validation of the information. You can have your guests enter their information along with a message or enter their email address and be added to the mailing list. Our touch screen kiosks allow many functionality and capabilities to be quickly built into the system.
Example: Kiosk can allow your guest to enter their name and find out which table they are sitting.

Provide Information
We can design kiosks that allows for information to be displayed. The kiosk can display information and provide an opportunity for the guest to drill down and obtain more information.
Example: Kiosk could allow guests to get familiar with bride and grooms family. The pictures and information of the family can be displayed on the kiosk

Other Functionality?
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in creating a custom kiosk for your specific functionality.