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Wedding Kiosk

Capture Memories!!!

Weddings involve a lot of planning and expenses, but at the end of the celebrations memories are cherished forever. Tribute Kiosk allows for guests to leave video messages in High Definition format that can be viewed online and on your DVD. They can leave you messages as many times as you wish. Our kiosk is fully automated and can be deployed independently within your venue.

On the day of your wedding we will setup the kiosk and we will remove it after the wedding finishes. The video messages will be available online and we also provide you DVDs of all your video messages.

View the video messages online

The video messages captured through the kiosk are loaded on your wedding website. You guests can easily view the videos and also leave comments about each video.

Want to remove a few videos from the website: You have full control over the video messages and can remove any that you unwanted videos from your website.


Do you want to show your pictures to your guests? Through Tribute Kiosk you can show your pictures (yes, you can show all of them too!). There are no limits of how many pictures you can load and the kiosk will show them one by one.

Manage Every Detail

Our system allows you to control all the details of the kiosk through our online website. You simply need to create an account to start:

  • Manage your guest list
  • Manage what kiosk functionality you want enabled
  • Manage kiosk settings (color, timeout, etc)
  • Manage seating arrangement
  • Manage the slideshow on the kiosk
  • And much more


Are you worried about all the monetary gifts that you will receive and how to manage it? The answer to your question is Tribute Kiosk. Guests can simply touch a few screens and slide their credit card to leave you monetary gifts.

We do it for you:

As part of our standard services we will deliver the kiosk at the venue, set it up and remove it at the end of the night. It is your night and our goal is to ensure that we provide a great service that you are happy with.

We stand behind our service with 100% refund guarantee. If you are not happy with our service, simply let us know and we will fully refund all of your rental fees.

We provide you with DVDs of all the High Definition videos.

If you are looking for a specific feature or functionality then please contact us about it. We thrive on feedback from our customers to enhance our service.


We have only provided highlighted information on this page. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.